MATTERS is a citizen initiative to support change-makers with a pool of
shared resources offering their skills and know-know.

We see a fast-growing movement of entrepreneurial initiatives with a meaningful purpose and an innovative approach, popping-up all over the country. Specifically, the latest days with the human crisis, social entrepreneurs have launched disruptive products and services that solve current problems but also build the foundation of a resilient city to address future crisis. We want to embrace this movement by connecting change-makers with volunteers that are willing to help initiatives that matters.

Our current mission is thus to gather, on the one hand, all engaged citizens and social entrepreneurs through an online hackathon and, on the other hand, every player of the Brussels ecosystem who can leverage their network and know-how to feed our community.

Are you a change maker ?

Whatever your current professional situation and social profile, you might be willing to help this fast-growing movement of social initiatives, and you are right!

Please join us if: you are a local citizen; you are looking for some inspiring projects; you have time to invest and skills to bring; you agree that we put you in touch with local changemaker and if you accept that we host your profile on our platform

Are you a potential partner?

You want to join our movement and participate to the creation of innovative solutions that address the most pressing challenges.